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    Regarding Intel studio set-up


      Hai Everyone,


                               I'm using Intel breakout board with yocto image.I have downloaded the Intel studio setup for linux (64 bit) from https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/software/ide.I have the following questions,please do needful.

      1)I'm trying to get the output of led mraa program which was imported.The error I'm getting is libmraa object file missing and there is no output on my breakout board.I'm following the same procedure given in the links.

      2)when I'm opening the Iot Sensor support in order to see the sensors configured,I'm getting the blank space there,I'm not getting any sensors there,How can I get the sensor names there.

      3)I'm little bit confused of the software,so Can I have detailed description of the documents providing the following details

      • dependencies of the software.
      • after building where can I see the binary files.
      • integration of new sensors and adding the files.
      • why I'm getting the errors of mraa library.
      • why I'm getting error if I build the program again.
      • Is it valid for both Intel arduino board and breakout board.


      Please do needful,Thanks in advance.


      Thanks and Regards,