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    Chassis Intrusion; Asks for Password; Cannot Reset Bios - DH77KC Motherboard


      Hi! My name is Alex and this is my first time posting here, but has been around for a long time looking for solutions. And regarding my problem, I know there is a lot of threads about it, I've read almost all of them, but none of them worked for me. I already tried contacting Intel, but their solutions are the same with what I tried.


      Anyway, back on topic.

      Last weekend, I decided to clean my CPU for first time in a year, and opened the front and back case. When I turned on my PC, a warning showed up saying "The following warnings are detected during this boot. These can be viewed in the Setup in the event log. WARNING: Chassis Intrusion". The warning shows up just after Intel Logo shows up where you can press F2, F7, and F10 for BIOS Setup, BIOS Update and BOOT Settings respectively. The problem is that after the warning, it asks for a BIOS password, which I have forgotten a long time ago (can't even remember setting it) and I cannot bypass this warning by pressing F2 to go straight to BIOS settings. I tried entering blank, 123456, and other default passwords I find on the web.


      I have already tried removing the 24-pin motherboard ATX power connector and 4-pin CPU power connector then removed the battery for almost a day and put it back in; the BIOS settings did not reset; also tried setting the Jumper to pins 2-3 (CFG) from pins (1-2) BIOS to configure the BIOS on boot up, but the Chassis Intrusion warning still takes over, asking for a password. And lastly, I also tried putting a jumper on the Chassis Intrusion header (It's composed of 2 pins only.) Still didn't work.


      My guess is that, as long as the Chassis Intrusion event is still recorded in the BIOS event log, I can not do anything unless I type in the damn password.


      Sorry for the lengthy post, I just want to get into details to avoid getting another solution I tried already and I really need my PC to work again to start practicing C++ and learn programming. Any OTHER ideas? Any other input would be very much, greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!