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    Nuc5i5ryh keeps restarting on its own


      Hello again,


      I have two additional issues with the above nuc.


      1) The nuc doesn't want to stay shut down. Most of the time when I shut down the nuc, it starts up on its own.  I hate wasting electricity.  Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


      2). A minor issue. The mouse doesn't start up every time. When the nuc is powered up, sometimes the mouse doesn't turn on. The usb mouse is connected to a usb hub which is connected to the usb port on back of the nuc. The hub is quite new so it can't be the hub.  What I have to do is turn off the nuc, restart it, then thr mouse comes on. Any solution?



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          Regarding the first issue, I can only recommend that you upgrade to the latest available BIOS release. It is available here: Download BIOS Update [RYBDWi35.86A].


          Regarding the second issue, based on your description, the USB hub would be the first thing that I would blame for this kind of issue occurring (how new a device happens to be means absolutely nothing). I recommend that you try a different hub. But, if you want, you could first try moving the errant device(s) to the NUC's USB ports and see if the problem still occurs - and, if it does, the first recommendation is to... yes, you guessed it, update the BIOS to the latest release available.


          Hope this helps,


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            Regarding the first issue, there are a couple reasons which seem to be common to NUCs.  One is if you are using some infra-red remote in same room, certain buttons may cause the NUC to power on.  After thinking about that, one way to diagnose might be to tape something like small piece of cardboard over the front right of NUC (right of headphone jack) to block the IR receiver.  Another would be to use BIOS to turn off the IR from various states such as S4/S5.  The other common reason for unexpected wake is the Wake On LAN (WOL) features of drivers in operating system such as Windows and/or the BIOS settings for both wired and wireless networks.  In Windows you do something like Device Manager-Network Adapters-Properties then on the tab for Power Management you un-check the various settings for Wake On LAN and/or Allow this device to wake computer.  There are similar BIOS settings which you might disable also - just don't forget about those operating system driver settings which typically override BIOS.

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              Thank you very much to all the peers participating on this thread, the information provided is very valuable.
              To Nucnice:
              I hope the information above was useful for you, besides doing a BIOS update to the latest version, you can also restore the BIOS to defaults by pressing F9 while you are in it.
              And also to test the NUC without the USB hub will be a good thing to try, for testing purposes, just to make sure this is not a compatibility problem with the hub.
              On the following link you will see the instructions of how to do a BIOS update using the F7 method:
              And here is the .BIO file that you need to do the update, for the latest BIOS version, first option to the left:
              Any questions, please let me know.

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                My bios was already up to date. But when I changed the Wake On Lan feature as suggested by dougho, it fixed the problem. Thanks all!

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                  To dougho:
                  Thank you very much for providing those details on the previous post, it was really helpful for the user and for us as well, since the problem was resolved.
                  To Nucnice:
                  It is great to hear that the problem was fixed, and finally the NUC is working properly.
                  Any questions, please let me know.