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    Is there an .msi to install Intel HD4400 Graphics updates?


      I have about 450 computers that need the Intel Graphics HD4400 driver updated.

      Windows Update is not pushing the version I need.


      Is there an .msi file that can be utilizes with SCCM to push the driver to specific PCs?

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          Hello, JimBeau:


          Thank you for joining the Graphics Community.


          From our end the Intel® HD Graphics drivers are only available in .exe and there is also a .zip version that contains several files normally used for a manual installation of the driver, but unfortunately, there is no .msi version.


          I found this Download - EXE to MSI Converter**, which is a third-party software that specializes in converting executable setup programs to MSI packages. I downloaded an .exe file and converted to .msi with the software and it worked. 


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