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    Troubleshooting Wake on LAN on DZ77GA-70K Windows 7 x64


      I tried several ways to setup WOL on my DZ77GA-70K Windows 7 x64 system on 82579V LAN interface. The closest solution is to leave on Power Management tab only “Wake on magic packet” checked – other options unchecked. Driver version is (after installation of LAN_Win7_64_PROWin_19.1.exe) From another PC I sent packet with special tool that sent packet with MAC. This cause my computer getting awake from s3 (sleep). But this work only about several minutes after getting sleep. After about 10 minutes computer does not response and stays in Sleep mode (it’s possible to turn it on by pressing keyboard button). I think the problem is something related with DEEP sleep – I think PC turns off some LAN components after several minutes. How to disable this Deep Sleep? Or what is the way to use Wake on LAN on this mainboard?