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    HD Grahpic i3-380M windows 10


      Hello Dears,


      i work as tech, helping users based on intel Hardwarw, but there is an issue that i face it 3 times and i didn't find it here , that let me send a feedbak to intel but unforchenetly there was no any news !


      the problem is i search for drivers for the processor i3-380M , as you see it's intel Core I previous generation and it also Embedded with Intel® HD Graphics


      the support under (Intel® HD Graphics for Intel® Core™ Processors) didn't offer any driver for windows 10, it's only Vista,7 and Latest was for XP ! even windows 8 or 8.1 are not exist ?


      i write this here because i want Intel to update it's driver, there was a lot of laptops with different brands issued with this processor, what their customers are to do now ?


      i Hope to find a new release soon


      Thank you. .

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, EnterTech:


          Thank you for joining the Graphics Community.


          The fully supported operating systems for your graphics controller are:

          • Windows XP.
          • Windows Vista.
          • Windows 7.
          • Windows 8* drivers for 1st generation Intel® Core™ Processors (formerly codenamed Arrandale) with Intel® HD Graphics support legacy Windows Display Driver* Model (WDDM) 1.1 and are included in the Windows 8 installation build and on Windows Update. Drivers for these platforms aren't available for download on the Intel website.


          Bear in mind that Windows 8.1 and Windows® 10 are not supported, from our end there are no drivers available for this platform. My recommendation is sticking with the fully supported operating systems in order to get the appropriate drivers.

          See here for further reference Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products .



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            thanks for your reply Amy,


            actually, yes, i see that Intel wasn't have this driver for windows 10, but as you know Microsoft offer a free upgrade from windows 7/8 to Windows 10 and this is a good deal, so all users have been upgraded


            I came here ask Intel to bear it's responsibility, and i know it can do


            Thank you

            waiting for Driver updates . .

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              Intel Corporation
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              EnterTech, I have sent you a private message.