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    Mouse not scrolling in parts of Windows 10 on STK1AW32SC,Remote Keyboard Issues, Drivers.


      I have been using the 1st gen Compute Stick (STCK1A32WFC) for several months now and I LOVE IT! It works perfectly (as well as I expect something of it's spec to anyway) as a media player/strearmer for my TV. It works so well that I was really on the fence when I wanted to buy a second one...try to get same one or get the 2016 version? I did just wind up getting the 2nd gen model (STK1AW32SC) and have encountered a number of issues that I am trying to grind through.


      The main issue is mouse wheel scrolling - will work fine for a few seconds when first go to use it (in whatever window) but then won't work anymore in certain areas:


      - won't scroll in 'All Programs' in the start screen

      - won't scroll in Edge


      - does scroll in Windows Explorer/Folder windows

      - does scroll in IE 11

      - does scroll in 3rd party programs


      What gives?


      For the Intel Remote Keyboard app...it is very laggy, especially within brower and apps.


      Drives: Getting conflicting info from Intel Driver Update Utility - it tells me that some drives aren't up to date (shows the older version and the latest but when I go to install (or check driver properties) they indicate I do have the correct/latest driver.


      Another driver in list shows Current Driver with a higher # then the 'lastest driver' with a lower number???


      Another item, the 'System on a Chip' (SOC) shows as downloaded but not installed but I have installed it.


      Ideas..suggestions..appreciated please.