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    NUC6i5SYK, Windows Home 10 crashed, not able to boot off anything on updated BIOS 0045, need help




      Samsung 850 EVO m.2 SSD 250GB

      HyperX Impact DDR4 2133 16GB RAM (8x2)

      Windows 10 Home

      BIOS 0028 (upgraded to 0045)



      Computer was set up for my parents. Windows 10 crashed, no Windows recovery disk/USB drive to be found, and it wouldn't boot. The Intel NUC screen would come up, the circle would rotate once, then the system would lock up.



      Was able to F2/F7/F10 – the HD wasn’t showing in Virtual Bios. Saw BIOS was 0028, so I USB flashed 0045 on, and with it the HD is now showing. Set to default settings and saved.



      After installing 0045, attempted to boot again off HD. NUC screen comes up, circle rotates, then NUC resets and starts the process again. And again. No booting, just the screen then reset.



      Put in Windows 10 Home install USB stick and tried to boot off everything on F7 screen. Attempts to boot off Windows install USB stick show “Loading Files” for a fresh install, but then NUC resets and goes back to screen with rotating circle and no booting. One F7 install USB stick attempt brought be to the Windows Boot Manager screen stating that the winload.efi file was missing or containing errors.



      So I’m currently at 0045 BIOS on default settings, and not able to boot off anything on system. What can I do to fix the booting from Virtual Bios? Is my HD toast?



      Need help for the parents, they want the computer back working. Thank you!