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    Intel HD Graphics 4400 issues.


      I am experiencing that my screen freezes, and when it comes up, it says intel (r) 8 driver had stopped working in the button right corner. This happens several times each day, and if I open device manager to manually update the Graphics Card it says that the newest update is already installed. However, I know this is not true. I've had several issues with this notebook, so I have reinstalled it several times. One time my issues was fixed after I installed the new Intel Drivers from the notebook's driver website. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Driver & Tools - X550JX . I have tried to disable my intel GPU with device manager, but the nvidia gpu will still not be used, and I will get 20-30 fps while playing games, while I am normally at 80-100. Tried running Intel driver update utility, but it says there are not avaliable updates.

      I've got an i7-4720hq
      Intel HD Graphics 4400

      A stupid american megatrends bios.

      The rest is not really significant, but if you ask I'll answer. Hopefully someone from the Intel community knows about a solution.