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    Which inf file do I put on my F6 floppy to install SATA with XP on Optiplex 330?


      I have downloaded "BY-CK-XP-64bit-Driver-Bundle-Jan2014",  from Drivers & Software, which I'm lead to believe has the drivers I will need to put on my floppy disk in order to install Windows XP on my Dell Optiplex 330.


      I had to use the Intel driver bundle rather than the Dell driver bundle, because I can't easily extract the inf files using Wine, and the inf files don't show up when I use 7zip to unpack the Dell bundle. Since everybody is using .exe's for their driver bundles, it's difficult to get the infs I want directly.


      So, I unpacked the chipset package "INF_allOS_9.4.0.1017_PV.exe" and I found a bunch of infs in it. Combined, all of them are 16.1 MB, and my floppy only handles ~2MB, plus I don't want to mess around too much trying to install the wrong drivers, because I don't know if that could cause a problem, and then if none of them work I'll want to try again, but I won't even know if I have the right stuff, etc...


      My question is, which of these infs (or cats?) do I need to put on my floppy disk to get SATA working during my Windows XP install?


      Thanks in advance!