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    Can anyone help with this question?

      I can't remember my Network Security Key to share with friend using my wireless in my house.  What can I do?  I need simple instructions please!!!!!!!!

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          Hi djanna,


          A simple suggestion is to reset your wireless router to the default login. Usually on the back or bottom of your router there is a reset button. You may need a pencil or paperclip to push the button. Hold it for a few seconds until the lights on your router start blinking. Check with your router manufacturer for the default login and password information.


          After you reset the router don't forget to go back and configure security again. You don't want to leave the router open too long.


          If you let me know which router you have I may be able to give you the default login information.





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            If you're currently using XP's Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) rather than the PRO/set connection manager, to connect wirelessly with one of your computers, you can find the wireless key fairly easily...

            1) Open View Available Wireless Networks, select the desired network


            2) In the Network Tasks list choose 'Set up a wireless network ...', then click Next


            3) Check the 'Add new computers or devices ...' radio button and click Next


            4) Change the selection from Use a USB flash drive (recommended) to 'Setup a network manually' and click Next


            5) Click the Print Settings button and a Notepad window will open with the required credentials all in the clear.


            6) Minimize the Notepad window and click Finish on the wizard; you can either print the file or just transcribe the key.


            vista and win7 encrypt those data.  So you have to use their wireless network wizards with a USB flash memory stick (you cannot do it manually because they won't tell you the key in the clear). 7/vista's settings cannot be imported into XP, either (nor vice-versa). You can NOT do it with a USB stick in XP if you're using recommended encryption standards, because that wizard will break WPA2 settings on the Wireless Networks tab. (it actually changes the selection in that network's profile to WPA, so as soon as you've exported the settings to a USB stick, that computer will no longer connect to that network wirelessly!  Just one more thing that won't get fixed, to 'encourage' upgrading from XP :-).


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