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    NUC6i5SYH froze and won't boot even after updated to the newest BIOS


      Hi everyone,

      I am having troubles with my NUC6i5SYH. At first, I successfully installed Ubuntu 14.04 and it worked fine. After a week, it just froze after I turned it on for 10 minutes. I tried everything:

      1) Reinstall Ubuntu: it just froze after 2-3 minutes

      2) Update to the newest BIOS version (0045), then install Ubuntu: same thing, it froze after 2-3 minutes

      3) delete CMOS then use BIOS recovery then install Ubuntu: no luck, it still froze after 2-3 minutes

      4) try to run Fedora live usb with IPDT: same thing...it froze after 2-3 minutes


      What should I do now?


      Thanks in advance!