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    Vulkan on Intel Celeron N3150




      I just bought the ASrock BeeBox NUC Beebox Series - ASRock Inc.


      It has Intel Celeron N3150, which I understood is Braswell familiy.


      After Installing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, the Intel Driver Update Utility recommended the grahics driver.

      The installatin went fine, but as it looks like, that driver doesn't support Vulkan.


      Bytheway: How can one quickly find out, if Vulkan is installed and working?


      So I tried to install the driver, which was labeld "-NEW- Intel Vulkan BETA driver", but the installation refused with the message "The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.".


      Is the Intel Celeron N3150 capable of Vulkan API?

      If so, which are the right drivers?


      And there is also LunarXchange - The source for Vulkan development tools (sponsored by Valve)

      Can that be used on the given plattform with Inteln Celeron N3150? Latest version is VulkanSDK-