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    NUC6i7KYK Boot Looping..?


      Purchased my SCNuc within the first two weeks of it being available in Australia. Sogood.avi.
      32gb DDR4 2133MHz, 2x 256gb 850 Pro's in RAID0, running Win10.

      About a month in, ON MY BIRTHDAY, i come into work and power it on and nothing.

      Plugged into my Asus MB169C+ (USBc (DP Alternative) powered) would usually show splash with boot prompts.

      Now, the Nuc is just sitting here power cycling on its own. Stuck in a pre-POST boot loop.

      HALP PLS.

      Lemme know what info you need.
      Probably on the 33 or 35 BIOS, would like to update to 37 to see if that helps but y'know, can't get to bios...