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    RAID1 to RAID10


      I'll be salvaging a rather old PC with DP35DP motherboard and Q9650 CPU.


      I plan to keep the only 750GO HDD to run the OS and general programs and want to install 2 WD RED 3TO in RAID1 configuration. In the future, if I want to add 2 more 3TO (or larger) HDD and upgrade to a RAID10, will that be easy? Will I be able to do that without reformating all my drive? Or will I have to make an image of my RAID1 drive, format, reconfigure evyrthing and reload the backuped image?


      Obviously, no matter how I do it, I will backup my data.


      On a general note, in a 4 HDD RAID10 configuration, can I replace any HDD at anytime? Let say I have 3 3TO HDD and want to upgrade to 2x 6TO and 2x 3TO how would that work?


      Thanks in advance