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    Can't install Windows 7 on X25


      Installing a fresh Windows 7 on a Fresh 80G X25-E. Windows 7 just will not install. Stops at "Setup cannot find system partition". It is now installing, after I upgrade FW to 20HD and partitioning and formatting using an XP install. Is this really right? Are these drives so uncompatible, or is it Win7 that is so increibly bad? Or is it me who is stupid?

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          Mid install I get a BSOD on 0x00000024. If I don't get this fixed, I'll get some other SSD tomorrow- Non-Intel, do doubt...

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            I have exactly the same problem with a X25-V 40 GB. The disk just doesn't show up in the selection dialogue.

            I HAVE updated both bios on motherboard (GA-790XA-UD4) as well as firmware on the SSD. The SSD is installed in the first SATA port and only share it with a SATA DVD drive. The SATA is in native IDE mode as this is the only mode where Intel's firmware (as well as the ToolBox) updater sees the SSD.

            If I install Windows 7 (64-bit) on my HDD I have no problems accessing the SSD from Win 7 once it is installed.

            Any help would be welcome!

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              Did you try to use AHCI on BIOS? Then enter the win 7 setup, delete all the partitions and format again? Then proceed with the install

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                Hi stama,


                Yes, that I tried too.... Win 7 installer doesn't see the SSD no matter what SATA mode I chose. Native IDE is the only mode that works for the Intel software.

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                  Just to eliminate the hardware, try to use only the ssd, with nothing else pluged in. Check if it is recognised. If not try a different port and a different cable along with different settings on the bios. If all that don't make any difference try to plug in the ssd on another pc and check if it will be recognised there. If yes then the motherboard is not compatible (not very possible but you never know) or in case not then it's the ssd that has the problem but before that you could try another flashing of the rom on both motherboard and ssd or send it back. Maybe I am wrong but you can give it a shot.

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                    Well, the SSD is deteced by the BIOS and I can set it in the boot sequence. It is also available in Win 7 when I install on HDD so I don' recon he SSD itself is faulty but the main reason I bought it was for my OS and that is basically he only thing I can't use it for so I am a bit dissapointed, SSDs aren' exactly cheap / GB! For the time being I will use it for the swap file....

                    I also made sure to make my OS partition on the HDD the same size as he SSD so whenever there is a tool that will be able to clone to the SSD that might be an option. Right now Acronis doesn't detect the SSD either.... (even though Win does it as well as the Intel Toolbox)

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                      Try another computer with a different motherboard and see if you still have problems installing win 7. If the problem persists then it's the SSD. If not and you manage to install win 7 then it's the motherboard

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                        I've have exactly the same problem. I'm using a new X25 80GB, Firmware 20hd. If I try to install Windows 7, I can't see the drive in the setup dialog box. I've tried on three different machines MSI U100, Fujitsu Siemens Livebook 8410 and on my desktop pc (asus p5gd2), everywhere the same behavior.

                        If I connect the X25 on my running desktop pc (Windows 7), i can see and use the drive without any problems! any ideas?

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                          Can you flash the SSD with a different firmware and try again? I run out of ideas

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                            hi stamatisx,


                            good idea, I already think about this but I can't find any older firmware release file on intels website. Do you have an suitably download link?



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                              Sorry my friend but I couldn't find the previous firmware version either.

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                                Stamatisx, thanks for he suggestions. I really think this is something for Intel and MS to solve - this should work out of the box.

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                                  I've got exactly the same problem. The X25 SSD operates just fine in conjunction with Win7 when Win7 boots from S-ATA HDD. When booting from Win7 DVD for installation purpose the X25 SSD is not recognized. (it is not shown in the list of HDD's). Might it have something to with the protocols used by the X25? At powerup the MotherBoard shows that the SSD uses SCSI while all other drives use S-ATA. The SSD is connected to a Sil3132 e-SATA controller (which is integrated on the Mother Board). When connecting a regular S-ATA drive to the Sil3132 the Win7 installation DVD installs without much hassel.

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                                    Try connecting the drive to one of the chipset's SATA ports and not one for a separate RAID controller.

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