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    Regarding the wrong values of Temperature and Humidity on HTS221


      Hai all,

                         I'm using Intel edison board using yocto image.I'm integrating HTS221 sensor on edison board and I'm using the below pinned program for  HTS221 sensor.I'm using I2c-6.I changed the jumper 9 position to 2 and 3 and configured the I2C pins,then there is output but the temperature values are wrong.I'm getting the correct output of temperature and humidity for arduino and Raspberry pi but in the edison board I'm getting the T0,T2 ,temp values (which are mentioned in the program) are different from that of arduino.Humidity values are also seems to be wrong. I'm not understanding why there is variation in the values although the registers are same..I thought if it is the problem of ADC so I changed the jumper 8 also to position 2 and 3,but there is no result.I'm pinning both the arduino code and the code I have used.Even If I commented the if block which is present at last of test.c ,the output is not changing(please see the test.c file)(if(temp > 32767){temp -= 65536;}).


      Please Can you let me know how  can I get the output.Every or any help is appreciated.Please do needful.







      Thanks and Regards,