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    Intel Core i3 2370m Overheating !


      Hi Guys , I Have A Notebook PC Running On Intel Core i3 2370m 2.4GHz The Story Is Starting Here

      I Fell Out My PC From My Hand Thanks To God The CPU Just Worked Fine ! The HDD Was Damaged Hardly But I Replaced It And Every Thing Was Good

      Some Day I Wanted To Run An Application With My Dedicated GPU " Nvidia Geforce GT645M " When I Opened Nvidia Control Panel It Says

      " Nvidia ControlPanel Can't Find Nvidia GPU " And Goto Device Manager To See What Happening And This What I Saw !


      It Remains Detected But In Device Status Information I Saw This " Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) "

      I've Contacted Nvidia Support About This Issue , The Issue Is May Be A Transistor Problem In The GPU Unit


      My Problem Is Not The GPU , After This Accident My CPU Is Getting To Hot Very Fast !!! What Is The Reason ???

      I Remain Have An Integrated Graphic Card !!!


      This Is All Info About Temperature


      When PC Is Idle : 45c ~ 50c


      When I Use My PC Without The Internet : 50c ~ 55c Sometimes 60c


      When I Surfing On Internet : 55c ~ 65c " ( 67c )  Average "


      When I Watching A 1080p Video On Youtube : 66c ~ 75c Even Sometimes 80c


      I Checked The Heatsink And The Fan It Was Very Clean


      What's The Problem ? What Can I Do ? Is My CPU Getting  Damaged When It Runs On Those Temperature ?


      Thanks For Replay


      Sorry For My Bad English Brahhh :V

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          Hi sahand i think your problem is the Thermal paste try to change it

          for the nvidia drivers fix it with unstalling this driver and try to re-install a WHQL drivers be careful about not installing a BETA drivers

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            Thanks For Taking Your Time To Answering Me Spirit , I Did Not Replaced The Thermal Paste But I Will Change It By Your Suggestion

            I Will Change The Thermal Paste And Hope To Fix My Overheating Problem


            About The Nvidia GPU I Will Try Now To Re-install WHQL Driver

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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you very much to spirit for the information provided.

              To Sahand , In regards to the processor being overheated, is the screen on the Notebook getting freeze or throttling?

              Please try to apply more thermal grease, as it was mentioned above, that should help for overheating problems.

              We do have a tool to test the processor, it is called Intel® processor diagnostics tool, it does an overall test on it, including a temperature test and a stress test.

              At the end it will give you a report of the temperature detected.

              Here is the link to install it:


              To get the report look or the option that says “File” then “View File Report”, and then you will see the document, you can always attached it or paste it to this thread so we can see it.

              The tool is very reliable, so, if it passed the test, then the processor should be fine.

              Also, if the problem persists after you applied more thermal grease, and in case the processor is defective and it needs to be replaced, to do that, you will need to get in contact with the manufacturer of the Notebook for warranty support.

              In regard to the Nvidia video card, on the following link you should be able to find the drivers for it:


              Any questions, please let me know.