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    I need 32 bit drivers for NUC6i5syh, but I can only find 64 bit drivers.


      I have had to install 32 bit Windows 10 as the software running on it will only support 32 bit. Can anyone help me with 32 bit wifi drivers?

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          Here is a link to the driver you need: Download Intel® Wireless Technology-Based Driver for Intel® NUC.


          I try to stay out of the "religious" issues, but I can't in this case. Installing 32-bit Windows is not, IMHO, the way to go. Here are the arguments:


          • Using 32-bit Windows, you can only address 4 GB of memory. Any additional memory you have will be completely wasted. Further, because the BIOS reserves part of the address space for device I/O (including video), you are really going to be able to use only about 3.25 GB of this memory. Using 64-bit Windows on the other hand, you can address all of the memory that your NUC will possibly support (give or take the BIOS reservation).


          • Systems that can address and utilize more than 4 GB of memory are simply going to perform much better - and this despite the slightly higher cost for 64-bit instruction execution. Requirements for page swapping will be lessened and the latency for reloading swapped memory pages will be lessened or even eliminated for all but the biggest applications.


          • All 32-bit Windows software will run just fine on 64-bit Windows. Any that doesn't is absolute garbage; poorly written (the developers should be shot) and shouldn't be used. Are you sure that you didn't mean that you need to run (really, really old) 16-bit software? It is true that 16-bit software will not run on 64-bit Windows - but there are all sorts of other compatibility issues that could come into play when attempting to run this software on (32-bit) Windows 10.


          • While your inability to find the 32-bit drivers was, in this case, just because of a configuration boo boo on Intel's Download Center servers, the fact is, 32-bit drivers are rapidly being obsoleted and eventually may not be provided at all. All bug fixes and improvements made to drivers are being be delivered first in the 64-bit driver versions and the delivery of the equivalent 32-bit drivers will typically lag well behind.


          Hope this helps with your decision-making; sorry for the rant...


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            I completely agree with everything you say, unfortunately I originally specced this computer to run software that was compatible with 64 bit windows 10. Since then my client has asked me to install some software on it that is only compatible with 32 bit Windows so I have no choice.


            The client is a sailing yacht which needs to run navigation software and interface with a racing processor that only has a 32 bit driver

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              Hello, All:


              N.Scott.Pearson thank you for sharing that link.


              @South I have been checking our supported operating systems page and you may want to take into consideration that the 32-bit version is not officially supported although as you can confirm there are some drivers from other NUC's that might work. See here for that page Supported Operating Systems for Intel® NUC Products.