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    same MAC + different VLANs VFs that comes a PF




      I'm using 82599 NIC with SR-IOV technology.

      recently I've got an issue with following configuration.


      as you can see there are two VFs that has same MAC on one PF. but each VF tagged different vlan. I thought that it should be work. but when after I create vf4, the vf3 is not working.

      but vf3 is working when after I remove vf4 without any reboot/recreation operation.


      Is there any limitation to use sr-iov (vf) with fixed-mac/vlan that created from a PF? any specific reason or specifications we have?


      ip link show eth5

      vf 0 MAC 12:00:00:00:03:00, vlan 812, spoof checking on

      vf 1 MAC 12:00:00:00:00:50, vlan 812, spoof checking on

      vf 2 MAC 12:00:00:00:00:c0, vlan 812, spoof checking on

      vf 3 MAC 12:00:00:00:10:c0, vlan 812, spoof checking on

      vf 4 MAC 12:00:00:00:10:c0, vlan 810, spoof checking on