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    NUC6i7KYK BIOS manual?


      I am wondering if there is a BIOS manual for the NUC6i7KYK?

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          Intel does not publish BIOS manuals for any of its Desktop Board, NUC or ICS products. What there is on the BIOS is included in the product's Technical Product Specification and subsequent postings.


          Do you have specific questions you would like answered? Ask them here and we will try to provide you with answers...


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            Thanks Scott.


            I read your explanations about the fan Minimum Duty Cycle and Minimum Temp and I am wondering if there are any other settings in the BIOS that can be adjusted better than defaults shipped by Intel. Every motherboard manufacturer usually explains all the BIOS settings in basic manner so I was under the impression that Intel should do the same with the Visual NUC Bios.

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              Actually after some digging I have found a NUC Bios Glossary here: BIOS Settings Glossary for Intel® NUC

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                   What a treasure trove of information. Thank you. There are other NUC 6i7KYK information pages on there also.

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                  Thanks Ran99, for sharing with us this information.

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                    three other questions regarding BIOS/UEFI (on the nuc6i7kyk):


                    1.) If I "mess up" settings inside Bios, is this automatically "fixed / resetted" when Bios is updated,

                    either by the same version (37) or by an real update (41 on the nuc skull)....?


                    2.) After an Bios update Windows doesn't has to be updatet/reinstalled/adapted, does it?



                    3.) Why Intels Rapid Store Technology (RST) is actually not compatible with Win10Pro64bit / Samsung950ProNVME (single SSD) on the NUC6i/KYK (always tells "doesn't support this platform") ???


                    Thanks a lot and best regards,


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                      Hi Polarspan,
                      To answer your questions:
                       1 - Yes, after BIOS update the BIOS chance some settings, regards that I recommend you to load default settings, just to make sure you erase any modification.
                      2 - No, it is not require, but Install Windows® updates after BIOS update would be a good idea.
                      3 - The first generation of Samsung950 were not compatible with RAID configuration, I recommend you to check with the SSD manufacture its compatibility with RAID.