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    NUC6i7KYK Fan noise in decibels


      I am about to buy the NUC6i7KYK. I read at least 8 or more reviews and also related posts on this forum.


      What amazes me is that none of the professional reviewers never measure the fan noise in decibels. Some of them claim that the NUC6i7KYK is quiet, some say it is very noisy and all of them have great excuses why they don’t measure the fan noise in decibels. Few of them claim they don't have the right equipment, while in reality the same reviewers while reviewing power supplies or cases giving exact noise measurements in decibels!


      So it looks to me like they were told by Intel not to supply this exact measurement in order not to scare people.


      Therefore I am wondering if somebody can measure the sound of working NUC6i7KYK in decibels using free apps from Apple or Google store like SPL Meter, Decibel Ultra, Decibel 10th or any other app. I realize that this measurements will not be exact but they will at least give an idea that will be much clearer than claims like “quiet”, “acceptable” or “noisy”.


      Currently I have a mid-tower PC that is virtually silent. The room noise I am sitting in is 37db and when the PC is in idle state up to 60% load the 5 fans inside it are adding all together only 3db. In full load the PC adds 6db.The measurement are from a distance of 1 meter from the PC.



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          I used to have a mid tower case sitting on the floor beside my desk... so the noise levels were blocked by the side and top of the desk.  Still... it was an extremely quite machine.  I never really heard it at all.


          The Skull is sitting on top of my desk about 4 feet away.  I hear it's fan at idle just a bit.  When I plug in a WD MyBook drive, the drive is much louder.


          90% of the time I don't hear the Skull... I don't notice it.  If I'm doing something intensive I'll hear the fan spin up.  I develop software so most of the time nothing intensive.  If I were doing something that caused the fan to spin up and stay up it would be annoying.


          Using iOS Decibels:


          Right in front of me: 39

          Right beside the Skull: 45

          4 Memtests running: 58


          Using iOS Decibel Meter:


          Right in front of me: 51

          Right beside the Skull: 53-55

          4 Memtests running: 61


          Using iOS Sound Meter:


          Right in front of me: 37

          Right beside the Skull: 40

          4 Memtests running: 50


          So... it's a bit all over the map.


          Constant fan noise really bothers me.  I'm usually sitting and trying to work out coding structures and logic... so anything in the background is annoying.


          I don't find the Skull annoying.


          Hope it helps a bit.

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            Thnak you Katdav!


            Like you noise really bothers me and also my PC is sitting on the floor beside my desk.


            Doing the same noise check on my PC with room noise at 39db and room temp at 76F:


            Using iOS Decibels:

            At my desk (about 4 feet away):  42

            Right beside the PC: 45

            Running Prime95 - at my desk (fans at full and CPU at 100%): 53


            Using iOS Sound Meter:

            At my desk (about 4 feet away)  40

            Right beside the PC: 42

            Running Prime95 - at my desk (fans at full and CPU at 100%): 54


            So from all the measurements I assume that the Skull will be a good replacement for my PC at the same level of noise as I am not a heavy PC user and not playing games.

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              I really like the look of the Skull Canyon sitting on my desk... particularly since the skull was painted by a really talented artist.


              A friend of mine suggested it since he'd just received his Skull Canyon... and was having some work done on his bike.


              However, I've thought that I could mount it on the side of my desk using the VESA plate.  I'd mount the plate to the desk with a piece of rubber in between... just in case... and the Skull would easily hook onto it.


              Rarely hear it then.

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                Hmmm, after you mentioned that the desk is actually blocking the mid-tower noise I was thinking as well to put it on the same side of the desk that my PC is now. Your idea of mounting it using the Vesa plate is really good. The rubber is a must IMO. The fans in my PC were originally quite noisy until I mounted them with rubber mounts. Since then - they are silent. A very SOFT rubber or silicon plate between the table side and the Vesa plate will definitely reduce the noise and vibrations. Also I suggest to mount it vertically or nearly vertically as much as possible so the air inlets will face the cooler air from the floor.


                I also want to use the DP MST port to connect it to my 3 monitors. Hopefully Intel will fix the blinking problems ASAP...

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                  Hi all,
                  Katdav, thanks for this information!