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    DX58SO hangs on start with iSCSI-enabled PRO1000/PT



      i have 2 motherboards (intel DX58SO, DP35DP, both with latest BIOS) and 2 NICs (Intel PRO1000/PT QuadPort, DualPort)

      everything was fine until i used latest iSCSIUTL to enable iSCSI-boot on my NICs

      DP35DP still works fine with any NIC

      but DX58SO hangs on startup,  with any NIC, on stage, where "Ctrl-D" been expected

      i even can't enter BIOS setup

      of course it's work fine when NIC extracted, but i need iSCSI-boot feature as promised by Intel

      i wrote to Support and was answered with simple solutions of boot troubleshooting, like "Extract your new card"