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    Possible conflict between NVIDIA Driver 368.69 and latest Intel HD Graphics Driver


      Hi Intel,


      So I have a new laptop. Its a CLEVO laptop, and I noticed some incompatibility issues with the latest NVIDIA driver 368.69. I don't know if the problem is you driver, or the NVIDIA driver.


      The problem happens as follows. Sometimes, when I open a program, and the Windows 10 UAC asks me if i'm sure that I want to execute the program, the time between the last click on the program icon and the pop-up of the UAC window, my mouse freezes. It stops, and then jumps to where it should be. This is an example.


      Another example is when I click on the battery icon, on the bottom right of my screen, and wait for the battery info to be displayed, the same happens to my mouse. If I click on the battery icon and immediatly move the mouse, sometimes it freezes and jumps after a brief delay.


      I've already done a clean installation of Windows 10, and I've noticed that when I was installing the laptop drivers one, by one, all was working fine and with no problems, until I've installed the NVIDIA driver 368.69. After that installation, the problem starts.


      Moreover, if I only use the discrete GPU of my laptop (the NVIDIA one), the problem doesn't exists. It only happens when both graphics are working together.


      I hope that you can understand my problem. If you need any more info, I will provide it to you.


      System Specs:


      Windows 10 Pro 64bit


      Intel i7 6700HQ;

      Intel HD Graphics 530 (latest driver installed it's the last beta that you provided, it also happens with the latest stable one);
      Nvidia GTX 970M (NVIDIA controller 368.69, I will try to use an older controller and see If the problem persists);16GB DDR4;

      240GB SSD;
      Intel Dual Band AC 8260 (Yes, the problem also exists when I turn on and off my computer Bluetooth. I have the latest stable driver provided by you)


      Please notice that this issue with my mouse, only happens when both graphics card are used together. If i disable the Intel 530, the problem doesn't happen anymore.


      Hope you can help me,


      Best Regards,