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    Regarding the I2C commands and reading the raw value from HTS221


      Hai everyone,


                                       I'm very new to the technology,hope you will help me.I'm using Intel edison board.I want to integrate HTS221 sensor using yocto image.

      Here are my questions please do answer..

      1)I'm using basic I2C commands such as I2C detect -l,I2C dump -f 1 0x20 w,I2Cset -f 1 0x20 0x01 0x001.The I2C is detecting in the addresses as 0x20,0x21,0x22,0x23. The screenshots are available below.when I'm able to read values from those addresses ,the raw values of the temperature are not updating continuosly. Can I know how to update the values continuously from the I2C command??

      2)When I'm using the I2C detect command I'm not getting the device address as 5F,it is simply showing as UU in the addresses 20,21,22,23.Can I know how can I read the device address.??But in the Raspberry pi ,the device address can be detected.


      Here are the screenshots from the commands I have used.Thanks in advance.


      Thanks and Regards,