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    82599EN can not keep a link up status


      Hi! All



      I use 82599EN as below .

      [82599EN]--[SFP:FINISAR FTLX8573D3BTL]--[optical cable]--[SFP:FINISAR FTLX8573D3BTL]--[Tester(SPIRENT C1)]



      When I run an ixgbe dirver and enter "ifconfig eth2 up", link up and down are displaied repeatly in linux console.

      Then, I read the Link Status Register — LINKS (0x042A4; RO).

      read value is 0x79081113=0111_1001_0000_1000_0001_0001_0001_0011.


      I organize above value to the register field of LINKS.



      [11:8]KX4_SIG_DET     0001b

      Signal Detect of 10 GbE Parallel (KX4, CX4 or XAUI).Bit[11, 10, 9, 8] shows lane <3,2,1,0> status, respectively.

      For each bit:0b = A signal is not present (failed). 1b = A signal is present (good).


      [12]KR_SIG_DET          1b

      Signal Detect of 10 GbE serial (KR or SFI)  success.



      [17]10G Align Status     0b

      10 GbE Align_status failed (deskew process not complete).



      I change SFP module  to  FINISAR FTLX8571D3BCV. FTLX8571D3BCV can work  for 1GbE or 10GbE.

      When I connect to 1GbE tester via this SFP module, 82599EN can keep a link up status.




      What should I do at next step ?

      Could you estimate causes which occur link up/down repeatly ?