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    S2600CWTR not booting with dual Xeon 2600 V4

    Mike Brommels

      I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with Intel S2600CWTR series serverboards and Xeon 2600 V4 processors.

      It boots fine with single CPU E5-2600 V4 and also with dual E5-2600 V3 .... but not with dual V4.


      Intel says only board rev H12882-260 has this issue .... but not H12882-261 or H12882-262 ... so they sent me new boards ... update BIOS to latest rev 16 but still the same problem.


      I really want to use the V4 because  of better memory bandwidth, but I may have to downgrade to V3.


      Anybody know anything about this issue?


      Many thanks for any insight.