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    DP55WG overclock problem after update to ver. 4507 bios


      DP55WG + Core i5 750 @166 BCLK with stock voltage and cooler
      2X 2G DDR3 @1666 MHZ with stock voltage
      Everything worked fine and passed SP2004 for 4 hrs using version 3878 bios(10/28/2009)


      Then I updated the bios to version 4507 (1/5/2009) hope to address the USB problem.

      Then BCLK now cannot go over 140 for a stable boot.
      After that, I flash back it to version 3878 bios, overclock is working fine again.


      Does anyone face the same problem as me after updated to the latest BIOS ?


      My USB problem is:

      I faced the same USB power problem as other users, like Logitech keyboard no response after restart but recovered after shut down ......
      It may be caused by the USB power does not reset after restart.