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    Compatible Motherboard for D 925.


      I've got a Pentium D 925 processor in my motherboard now and need a new motherboard badly. The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any new boards that support that processor or at least none I've found in the compability lists. I presently am using a MachSpeed motherboard and nothing I do will make the board recognize more than 2.5GB of memory. Tech support acknowledged this as a problem and now refuses to even discuss the problem. So that's why I want to dump the MachSpeed. Does anyone know of a good motherboard that supports that processor?

      Thanks in advance

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          Your memory not being able to be more then 2.5GB can be down to a 32bit OS if your graphics card(s) has a big dedicated memory or you have faulty ram or chipset limitation.


          Many Gigabyte P45 boards list your Pentium D 925 as supported like GA-EP45-UD3P but just because its not listed dose not mean its not supported.