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    Powering OFF Flashes The Previous Burnt Program




      The thing is that when I am uploading the code that time my program runs well.

      But when I powered OFF Intel baord, then  Powering On  Intel board my Previous Burnt Code get flashed off can u tell me some suggestion ?

      So that I can make my Intel Edison board must be standalone so that whenever I power on the Intel Edison It should ready to run the previous Burnt program??


      These are Methods which are we executed On Intel Edison board.


      "I need to execute a binary while the Intel edison board is booting up.

      To test I have created a script under /etc/init.d which will create file under /tmp, but it is not creating. Can you help me why it is not executing the script placed under /etc/init.d during boot time.

      script contains only the following command

      touch /tmp/hi

      Below is the code in the script file

      exec /sketch/sketch.elf /dev/ttyGS0 /dev/ttyGS0 "


      If u give some idea How to do that it will be very helpful to us?