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    S5520SC boots with 1 CPU but not 2


      Hello everyone,


      The title of this post matches another post on this forum which was never answered and is 6 years old which is why I started a new thread.

      I have been using the intel s5520sc motherboard for about 5 years now and I have always used only one CPU (xeon x5680 SLBV5). I purchased an identical second CPU recently but whenever I install it the system refuses to boot.

      The system status led is green but the post diagnostic LEDS don't function at all. The fans run at max speed but there is no output. The RAM I use is in the official supported list for this motherboard. When I use only

      one CPU (even the new one) everything boots without issues. I've tried booting without ram but then the system status led is orange and besides that there is no difference in booting compared to when RAM is present. Neither of the CPUs are engineering samples.

      The power for the second CPU was plugged in. There are no bent pins on socket 2 BUT one pin is missing from socket 1 (but this has been so for years and I've never noticed it - picture included). I also have the latest BIOS for this motherboard (v63).

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!