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    DP55KG MOTHERBOARD wont recognize USB ports


      I recently built a new computer with a DP55KG mother board and an I7-860 processor and USB keyboard and mouse.  I installed my old hard drive with  Windows XO OS.  When I powered it up I went into BIOS and used the keyboard in there.  When I exited BIOS it booted into Win XP but the keyboard and mouse went dead and the OS did not search for new hardware.  I tried plugging them into other USB ports but none of them would power the keyboard and mouse.  I rebooted into SAFE MODE and both the keyboard and mouse became active. Then the OS found all of the new hardware and installed drivers.  I rebooted again directly into Windows and everything worked OK.  All USB ports were active.


      The problem started today.  I installed drivers for a USB video input device, which installed OK.  But when I rebooted I received the message "NTLDR is missing - hit CONTR/ALT/DEL to restart.  I did that and received the same message.  I then inserteded the WIN XP installation disk to repair Windows.  As the disc was installing the files there was power on bothe the keyboard and the mouse.  But when the disk reported that setup was starting Windows both the keyboard and mouse went dead.  The windows screen appeard and provided the options to install Windows or Repair Windows but since the keyboard was dead I could not make a selection and could not get any further.  This means that I can never install Windows XP or any other operating system because I can not gain use of the keyboard during setup.  At this point the computer is useless.


      I am at a total loss as to what to do.  Does Intel have a fix for this problem?  I would certainly appreciate any help anyone can offer.


      Thanks, Chester