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    Regarding the integration of HTS221 sensor on Intel edison


      Hai everyone,


                                 I'm very new to the technology.I'm using the intel edison board with yocto image 3.10.98.I want to integrate the sensor HTS221 which shows temperature and humidity.I tried with the code which was executed perfectly on Raspberry pi but there is no output on Intel edison. I tried using mraa but it is also a failure.I'm using the pins A4 and A5 as SCL and SDA.I enabled the I2C using the link EmutexLabs .Can I know which I2C ..I mean I2C -1 or I2C-6 should be considered.?

                                   Can you please let me know the step by step process of this sensor integration and  correct code for HTS221 sensor in C or python using mraa or any other way possible.The code Every or any help is appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,