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    NUC headless options


      I would like to run the latest NUC Skylake devices in a headless environment over a distance of about 10-20 ft. I'd like to add a wireless keyboard/mouse and then a wireless display option. Id like to use a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as the display for the NUC. Has anyone made this solution work? I see the VNC solutions as an option but the Remote Desktop or WiDi options would seem to be more native/Built-in. Ideally I'd like to just power up the NUC and have its display show up automatically on the Surface Pro Tablet. I could also use a simple Computer monitor with HDMI input and a wireless HDMI adapter an another option.


      Any recommendations/ideas?



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             Hi. A few things.

             1) Wireless keyboard and mouse do work. Logitec keyboard & touch pad one only takes up one USB port for the receiver.
                NOTE:  You can not get into BIOS wirelessly. Keyboard and mouse must be plugged into the NUC to get into BIOS. (learned that the hard way)



            2) I have not tried the wireless monitor but some have had HDMI re-connection issues when the NUC woke from sleep mode. Unplugging & re-plugging the HDMI connector fixed the issue.
                 TVs mounted on the wall there may be enough room at the top for the NUC, its pretty thin, bit more than a deck of cards.

             3) As always keep the airflow free. Open front *and* back end. NUC creates heat when running. (CPU, memory, SSD, etc)


            Will you use one, two or three monitors ? NUC supports two at 4k, Three at lower res - I'm estimating 1080p.



          Hope this helps,


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            You can run the Skylake in a headless environment; wireless keyboard and mouse works in the bios with this unit but I’m not sure headless, may be TechnoCaveman had a negative experience before but I’m not sure, from my perspective if the unit works under normal conditions with wireless keyboard and mouse in the bios it should work if you use it in headless environment.

            Take a look to the following link, it mentions about Remote Access to Intel® NUCs and it applies to the Skylake as well.



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                  HI. Thank you for the correction. Will try and add which Logitec keyboard it was that did not respond to pressing the F2, F7 nor F10 key to get into BIOS setup mode.




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                Thank you very much TechnoCaveman, for the comments above, it is always helpful on this type of scenarios.
                To jekain314, please let me know if the link provided above was useful for you, and if the problem was fixed or still persists?
                Any questions, please let me know.