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    Poky Jethro branch and Intel Galileo Gen2


      Hi Community!


      I'm trying to learn more about how to build images from ground up with bitbake and came across some questions.


      • I see that accordingly to https://www.yoctoproject.org/downloads/bsps/jethro20/intel-core2-32-0  , Jethro is the latest stable version of Poky that has support to Galileo Gen 2 SoC Quark x1000, so can I based my build with this BSP ?
      • Besides the Linux side of Galileo, I still wanted to support Arduino sketches. As far as I see, I need an extra layer for this matter such as meta-intel-galileo. The problem is that this layers depends on branches that are listed here meta-intel-galileo - Intel Galileo platform support  as daisy branch compatible. So my question is, can I use this layer in Jethro's environment? Like, new releases of poky supports older releases?
      • And last, if I wanted to build a simple image for Intel Galileo Gen 2 with just minimal features (like python and vi), I only need the BSP for intel (meta-intel) and busybox (besides the required layers by yocto)?


      I'll be really glad with someone could clarify those things for me.