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    Can anyone help a computer-illiterate idiot?


      Okay, long story short. I recently had to dump my hard drive and start from scratch. Once I did this, I got the message "Failed to find a suitable display device" whenever I tried to play World of Warcraft.


      So I downloaded DirectDx 9.0 and am still getting that message. It's now telling me I have no animation acceleration.


      In my inept attempts to fix this myself, I've downloaded gtwupd, dxwebsetup and IEGD 8.0. Will any of these solve my problems? Are they redundant? How do I know if I've installed them or just downloaded them?


      I'm at work now so I don't have my computer in front of me. It's a Gateway 2404 (or close to that) and runs Windows XP (if that helps).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Assuming your configuration met the minimum specs for World of Warcraft before you had to clean re-install Windows XP (if that is what you mean by "start from scratch", I'm wondering if you patched XP up to service pack 3 and reinstalled the latest driver for your graphics device. If you've already done that, others may be able to offer help if you post more info about your graphics device.