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    Updating WindRiver devices on field


      I see RCPL releases at Intel Downloads Center. If the gateway on field is at RCPL version 13, how should we go about updating the gateway to RCPL 17. RCPL's contain too many rpm's.

      1. Does all of these RPMs have to be installed from RCPL 14 to RCPL 17 one after another ?
      2. My understanding of RCPLs was that they and do not trigger any major kernel (first and second digit), tool chain, or user space packages revisions (unless a critical issue requires additional action). So what does an RCPL update actually ?


      Note: Assume we have physical access to the gateway. We are not using Wind River helix device cloud.

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          RCPLs (rolling cumulative patch layer)  as the name  suggests is cumulative, e.g. RCPL 17 contains RCPL 16 and previous releases.


          The easiest way to update the OS on the gateway is through Intel Developer Hub. Go to the administration tab, click on Update OS and  enter your Software Suite Credentials. This will pull the latest RCPL. After the update is complete, restart the gateway. You can save the OS image on a USB drive and later use the USB  to boot a different gateway.


          Now, if the gateway is on rcpl 13,  you would have to update the developer hub package itself before the OS update. This step is necessary to get around an issue with the  developer hub included in RCPL 13. Follow the steps in this link  https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/Intel-IoT-Gateway/tree/master/Updating%20the%20Intel%20IoT%20Gateway%20Developer%20Packages


          Hopefully this helps.

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            Thanks. But if it is cumulative, why RCPL 17 contains just one rpm and RCPL 16 contains many rpms's( link ) ?


            Saving OS image and later using to boot on different gateway is helpful during development, but that is not suitable for production when device specific details could already be downloaded on gateways. If I use USB to flash, that device specific details are gone.


            If I am not using developer hub or helix cloud, what should I do to update from RCPL 13 to RCPL 17. Can I simply download all RPMs in RCPL 17 and then install all of them on gateway at RCPL 13 using rpm -ivh command.

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              At this time, RCPL 17 folder in download center is a place holder, you should see the rest of the rpms, when it is officially released ~July 18th.


              Any reason why you don't want to use the developer hub, which is highly recommended.


              Yes, you can update the rcpl through command line. This discussion thread in the forum walks you through the process.

              How to install Intel Iot Gateway Developer Hub with rpm packages


              About loosing device specific data when booting the gateway from USB, let me check to see if there is a way to get around it.

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