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    problem with i5-6600K




      My children buy a computer kit to mount it's composed

      processor is : I5-6600K

      Mother card is : MSI Z170 PRO

      Memory is : 2 DDR4 2400 CAS 16

      etc ....


      After  mount ,he seem unable to boot ...

      Red light signal give fault memory

      My question is I don't know if is (column access stobe latency 16)

      that is too slow ?

      Require CAS 11 or 15 or frequency more speed for this processor model

      or maybe it's mother card is defect ?





      Problem solved we find where is,

      three pins in the location where is hosted the processor

      are incorrectly aligned (crooked) we redress

      Now he boot...

      Crazy  you receive an mother card is brand new with same problem by default.

      about his light  signal that supposed giving where is fault

      I think the old bip sound more effective to give more just  where is fault .

      Now I hope this model processor with video card GV-N960WF2OC is sufficient for the

      games  and my  children will be happy (memory ddr4 is 2 x 8 Go (I forget to write)