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    How to enable webcam driver in MI3.1?


      The webcam driver is included as part of the Linux kernel, however, the WindRIver IDP build does not include the driver.

      To enable it, you can pull the driver into the kernel with the following steps:

      1.) $ cd <project dir>
      2.) $ make -C build linux-windriver.menuconfig

      Then in the ASCII menu terminal, make sure the following is set:
      Device Driver -> Multimedia Support -> Video Capture Adapters -> V4L USB Devices -> USB Video Class(UVC)

      3.) Save the config and rebuild the kernel with `make fs`.

      4.) Confirm that drivers are present:

      Video drivers are now present in <project dir>/export/dist/lib/modules/3.14.58_IDP-XT_3.1-WR7.0.0.16_idp/kernel/drivers/media


      Last Validated Info:

      IDP Version: 3.1

      RCPL: 0016

      Device: DK300