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    S3210 HDD initialisation problems and too new BIOS


      S3210SH fails to see 2x HDD's, when set to AHCI or RAID. There is no problem when set to IDE.

      Weirdly LSI fails at all but Intel Raid is capable to see harddisks and to start ctrl-I utility only  if PC has been restarted from button but not after Bios setup soft restart/reboot.


      Where to find latest Bios update is my question?

      On the Intel mobo's site is link only to older Bios S3200SH_BIOS_R0044.zip  Ver:44 Date:8/8/2008

      then motherboard now has:

      Bios states: S23200SHC, version S3200X38.86B.00.00.0048, build date 05/22/2009


      And I have checked 5 different disks.


      Any suggestions, do I need a BIOS update or is the motherboard faulty?


      and one more question - is it normal that BIOS setup pages change slowly like floating, seems a little abnormal but in fact may be by design.