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    How to change the refresh rate to 75Hz from 60Hz?


      This is my current monitor: AOC G2460VQ6 24 inch LED Gaming Monitor (75 Hz, Display Port, HDMI, VGA, Anti-Blue Light, Adaptive Sync/Freesync Compatible)


      Which as you can see runs at 75Hz, however my graphics card refresh rate is 60Hz, from what I understand if you have 75Hz over 60Hz you get a smoother image, however couldn't manage to change this to 75?


      Hopefully as seen by the attachment I get a very limited choice between 59-60 Hz, and was wondering if I could change this to 75? Cheers.


      PC Specs:

      i3 6100

      HD 530 Intel's Integrated GPU

      2x4gb 2133 RAM

      250GB SSD

      (Just put in the important ones)