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    ºIs Vpro of any use for self employed, and Soho


      Reviewing parts to make a computer for work, i was more or less set on z170 boards when i stomped on Q170 which as i read has a feature called vpro. It is my understanding that over a hardware chip Vpro let do some work on a computer from distance, and also to automate some IT related maintenance tasks like backup scheduling if im not wrong, or even accessing your files remotely without the need to load the os. However im not sure if any of those or any other feature i have not yet heard of is at the reach of a sole self employed worker or a Small home Office working platform. I have no idea if any of those capabilities are for example available on some Windows edition, or if there are free or affordable software around, or even if some or most of them are actually managed from the bios manager.
      Could you clarify me if im wasting efforts looking in that q170 vpro direction because is not meant nor usable for this use scenario. Or are there in fact advantages on it, like making your desktop accessible from your laptop for some tasks.


      Keep in mind main use in the computer will be multitasking around content related, and data managing. Anything that could help in terms of productivity, either making some tasks faster, or easier with less manual input or automation will be highly appreciated.