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    Intel NUC5i7RYH - Akasa Fanless Case


      I work from home and needed a solution for the excessive noise produced by the factory CPU cooling fan on the NUC5i7. I ended up going for an Akasa Plato X Slim fanless case for Intel® NUC Core i7 board (A-NUC23-M1B). It is fantastic, about 2" flat and four-times the size of the original case. That part doesn't bother me (size) because it fits the 2.5" 500GB SSD too and I now have silence.


      For some, the extra cost ($150) on top of the cost for the NUC, memory, hard drive(s) may not be acceptable. For others the size may not be acceptable either. I did the math and looked at QuietPC and several others for replacement fans and after an exhaustive search, I decided on this option.


      The disassembly of the original NUC and putting the motherboard, memory, hard drive(s), and wireless antennas into the Akasa case, was simple for me. However, if you've never taken a PC apart and replaced a cooling fan on the CPU, then I recommend you seek out a professional to do this. I might add that the MOBO on the NUCs are sturdy and easy to work with.


      The only "extra" I needed was a plastic pry tool, similar to this. (Note: pictured below is not a NUC5i7).




      Also, the instructions that come with the Akasa fanless case are multi-lingual and very challenging to follow.
      I used these two videos (not a NUC5i7, but close enough and very helpful).




      Intel NUC D54250WYK - Motherboard and cooler removal - YouTube



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