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    Mobo S3210SH, which Raid controller to select, LSI or Intel Matrix


      Intel doesn't make life easier. The mobo comes with 2 RAID controllers - which one to select, please help!


      There will be RAID 1 (mirror, now 2x160GB SATA drives) in the beginning. SBS 2008 running Sharepoint Services, SQL Express, Exchange 2007, shared file folder for office documents.

      All this for 15 people max. CPU now E8400, when needed we can upgrade to Xeon. Of LSI I know that it has a cute email alert option.


      Previous Windows 2003 server died and so we are upgrading mobo and cpu and need a new clean new server 2008 installation. HDD's remain now from the previous server.


      Which RAID is right for me?