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    First Build


      January 26, 2010




      My first time on this forum - I hope I'm posting correctly.


      For the last couple weeks I have been preparing to build my first computer, reading and catching up on what's going on.  I had pretty much decided to use an AMD Phenorm X4 Black Edition until yesterday when I saw an Intel i7 920 on sale (online) at our local Micro Center for $229.99 .  At once I started to look hard at the Intel and had almost decided to pull the tigger on it - until this morning.  The price on the unit dropped $30.00 and is now priced at $199.99 .  I like the direction the price is going but am starting to think there might be a problem somewhere.  It's on the Micro Center web site and any advice would be very much welcome.





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          The i7 920 has been arround for a while and the new 6 core i7's are just around the corner, I assume the shop is just trying to clear the stock.  If it's retail boxed CPU then it will have a warrenty to cover issues if they occur.