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    NUC5PPYH for Minimalist Linux Set-Up?


      Minimalist Desktop PC set-up for emailing, research browsing (2-4 tabs open), basic spreadsheeting, watching 1080p videos, and writing.  OS will be Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, or CubLinux),


      Considering the possibly more stable Braswell Pentium 5PPYH model due to ongoing issues/growing pains with the Skylake Core i models.  Will the 5PPYH model suffice for my basic computing needs?


      One concern I have is regarding weak wifi, bluetooth, and usb connectivity as I use a Logitech Bluetooth K810 keyboard (which I absolutely love and prefer over an Apple Magic Keyboard) and Logitech M325 USB Mouse or Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse.  Would it behoove me to order a USB Bluetooth adapter to increase bluetooth strength?


      Cheers and respects,