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    HD Graphics 4600: 2nd monitor was working.  Now shows flash then not detected post-boot


      Windows 7 (64 bit) w/ service pack 1

      HP Envy 700-327

      Intel HD Graphics 4600

      Dual Monitors: 1st on VGA, 2nd of DVI


      Background:  Added a 2nd monitor about a week ago.  Difficult to get Windows 7 to detect it at first.  Worked after forcing an update to the Generic PnP Monitor driver.  Today, when I brought it out of sleep mode the 2nd monitor would not come on.


      1) Both monitors show HP and Window's flashes on system boot-up. Therefor power and video signals can get to 2nd monitor.

      2) Post Windows boot-up,  the 2nd monitor cycles through it's VGA, HDMI, and DVI ports.  No signal is found.

      3) Multiple restarts and hard shutdowns do not fix the problem.

      4) Generic PnP Monitor driver is said to be up to date. 6/21/2006, v6.1.7600.16385

      5) Have attempted to update driver to the Intel HD Graphics 4600.  Said to be up to date. 11/18/2014, v10.18.14.4029. 

      5b) Tried to use Intel's v15.36.31.4414 dated 5/13/2016 but install program said it was not compatible with my system??

      6) Have attempted to detect the 2nd monitor via Control Panel -> -> Screen Resolution.  2nd monitor not detected.

      7) Have attempted to select Multiple Displays from the Intel Graphics Control Panel.   Stuck in Single Display mode.

      8) Monitors are/were running in their native resolution settings.

      9) When the 2nd monitor replaces the first using the VGA port it works fine.  Updated the graphics diver.  Can't run this was becasue the 1st monitor only as a VGA port.   Per #2 above the 2nd monitor as VGA, HDMI, and DVI.