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    Accelerometer  MPU6050 with Intel Galileo


      Hi, i'm trying to use the accelerometer  MPU6050 with Intel Galileo Gen 1, but I can't to make it works. I'm using this sketch's code  for make the tests


      MPU6050's Library:



      Sketch that  I ‘m using:



      If i use it in Arduino UNO, the MPU6050 works  well. But it works bad when  i used this code in Intel Galileo Gen 1 .

      I read that the cause of this problem is the speed of the I2C, which must be set to 400kHz in Galileo. I have changed it, but I can not make it work.


      For this razon I want to ask, How can I do that MPU6050 works in Intel Galileo Gen 1?