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    MB DP45SG - CPU and VGA fan don't stop after BIOS update

      My system was going fine, everything was working. I decided to upgrade the BIOS to the [SGP4510H.86A]

      After that, my windows stop booting, but i was able to make it work.


      With the new BIOS, when i turn off my PC in Windows or Linux, my CPU and VGA fan continues working.

      It's very hard to turn ON the PC. I press the Power button and nothing happens. Sometimes it turns ON.


      I have a DP45SG motherboard with a Core 2 Quad 9300 (or 9200, i dont remember).


      Before the BIOS update, everything was working. After BIOS update, it's hard to turn it ON.


      I have tried to Clear CMOS, change the battery, unplug all cables, cards and memory...


      Can anyone help me?