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    ACPI_BIOS_ERROR during Windows install




      I am getting a ACPI_BIOS_ERROR while running any Win x64 install (8.1 or 10) on STCK1A8LFC. I know it comes with Ubuntu but...it is just a PC so why would it not accept Windows? It runs LUBUNTU x64 16.04 fine.


      BIOS upgraded to #31, no help.


      Also, is there any way to make it accept a 32bit versions?




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          Hello Michal:
          To answer your question, the partition that came install with this specific model STCK1A8LFC belongs to Ubunto®, so, it will only work with Ubunto®.
          And just to let you know, by installing Windows® on this stick, that partition might get deleted and the stick might get defective, as you can confirm on the following link:

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            I just found a solution.  It seems like the compute stick is picky in terms of the install media.  Using the Microsoft media creation tool which downloads the appropriate ISO, preps your usb stick (or DVD) and writes the image did the trick:

            Windows 8 ISO


            Hope this helps others!


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            I just purchased the STK2mv64CC, which is supposed to support a windows install of 8.1 and I'm having the same issue.  I've followed every article I can find about installing windows 8.1 on a uefi system and i keep getting the same acpi error and a continuous restart loop.  At this point the compute stick is a curious looking paper weight unless I can get an OS loaded on to it.  Any suggestions about how to do this would be appreciated as I am considering returning it if I can't figure it out in the next day or two.




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              Hello michkrom:
              I hope all the information provided on this thread was helpful for you.
              If you need further assistance do not hesitate in contact us again.
              To Dtaibi, the Intel® STK2mv64CC, fully supports the installation of Windows® 8.1.
              Did you rest the BIOS to defaults?
              Make sure the SD card is not inside of the stick during Windows® installation.
              A BIOS update it is always recommended, so, please try that, on the following link you will be able to see the instructions of how to do that using the F7 method:
              Here is the .BIO file you need to do the update:
              Do you have the option to use a different ISO?
              Did you create the ISO from the installation disc?
              Any questions, please let me know.

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                Hi Alberto,

                Thanks for the response.  I actually updated the post on July 16th a short time after making it because I found the latest (build 9600) Windows 8.1 ISO along with the Microsoft "media creation tool" software from the Microsoft.com site.  I posted the URL for others to find easily.  But the only way that I was able to get the install to work was to use the ISO provided directly from Microsoft and using the media creator tool which downloads the ISO, formats your USB stick (if you choose the USB vs the DVD option) and then writes the ISO to your USB stick.  I did make sure to update to the latest BIOS that I could find, the 0036.bio image, reset to factory defaults, and then booted from the USB stick.  It worked like a champ and even took my old Windows 8 install code which I was thrilled about!  So, this aspect of the problem is solved.

                The only other issue that I'm running into is that the compute stick has to be plugged into a specific HDMI port on my Samsung 6500 series smart TV; it won't display video past the POST screen when connected to any of the HDMI ports on my home theater system or any other port on my Samsung 6500 series TV other than the "DVI" HDMI port.  Can you help me understand why video will not display on any other input and I also need to know if it will allow me to ouput multi-channel audio, preferably 7.1, out of the compute stick HDMI port.  Right now its showing as stereo but I'm thinking this is because I don't have ARC (CEC+) enabled between the TV and the home theater system.  Final question: I've had huge issues with other home theater PCs losing their resolution and their surround sound audio configuration when connected to CEC enabled HDMI devices ... it took me 2 years to figure out that this was the source of the problem, but the only way I can prevent this repeated issue is to turn off CEC on my home theater and/or TV ... do you know if the compute stick will have this issue as well if I keep it plugged into the "DVI" hdmi port on my Samsung 6500 and then turn on ARC (CEC+)?



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                  To Dtaibi, it is great to hear that you were able to install Windows on the Intel® compute stick, that is information is useful, for us and for other peers as well.

                  In regard to the first question, we have seen that happen with some TV’s, and the reason seems to be that the TV will remember where the stick was plugged and worked the first time, so, it will assign that port to the stick, normally the way to fix this problem will be to reset the TV, either if the option is preset on the menu or disconnecting the TV from the outlet for about 10 minutes.

                  For the second questions, yes you can always use 7.1 sound, you just need a receiver to do that, and make sure, that the HDMI cable is a high quality HDMI cable could be 1.4 or 2.0, for both the one that goes from the stick to the receiver, and from the receive to the TV.

                  And there are no reports of the Intel® compute stick having problems with the CEC feature, so it should work just fine.

                  To michkrom, I hope the information on this thread was helpful for you and if you saw the information that was posted previously on this thread?

                  I just wanted to check if you need further assistance.

                  Any questions, please let me know.